About me

HI, my Name is Blagica Bell, I am just over 50 Years old and live with my Family in Düsseldorf. Until I was 30 years old, my Interests, as with any young Woman, lay in Celebrations, fashion, Meetings with Friends, Etc. The Years passed and changed my Life. Commitments increased and the Stress grew. Due to many Illnesses and Problems in our Living Environment, due to the ever-increasing Stresses in professional and Private Life, I decided to change my Life.

At first I started to be interested in healthy and high-quality Food and to bring more Peace and quiet to my Life. For me, more Peace and Quiet Means, Among other Things, holiday trips, Excursions, Walks and relaxation Techniques such as Painting, listening to Music, Autogenic Training and much more.

I want to take You into my World and you learn how I have made my Life more positive with small Changes, to more

  • Health
  • Force
  • Joy
  • Quality of Life and
  • Less Stress

In my Adolescence, a dear Friend always called me „Balle.“ Unfortunately, she has left this World far too young and with many unfulfilled desires. She has sadly lost the Battle against the modern Disease of the Century, Cancer. In Memory of her, I called the Blog „Ballesworld.“ I am happy, through this Work, not to let the Memory of her die.

For the first Time, I’m publicly writing something about my Life, my Ideas, Tips and more. I know that every Beginning is difficult, complicated and with a lot of Mistakes, but I will try with a lot of Love to inspire my Readers so that they can enjoy my more or less crazy Ideas.

Two like Bad luck and Sulfur is a Movie Title, but also applies to my Husband and me. We do everything together and he supports me in Life and of course also here in my Work for this Blog.