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    Mondfinsternis über Düsseldorf

    Hallo Ihr Lieben. Ich möchte gerne diese wunderschönen Bilder mit Euch teilen. Wir hatten diese Nacht einen traumhaften Blick zum Himmel.

    Ihr seht Bilder von Anfang bis zum Ende der Mondfinsternis.

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    56 Kommentare

    1. Namaste Balle 🙂

      Impressive! So pleased you braved the cold, captured the Moon blushing, and posted these great photographs of her, thank you. Such a wondrous colour 🙂

      Tis yet another evening/night here with low cloud overhead prohibiting the view of both Moon and stars.

      Enjoy a pleasant evening.

      Nos da. Namaste 🙂


      • Hello Dewin 🙂

        Thank you very much 🙂 How are you today?

        I could not miss this opportunity. It was great and I was lucky 🙂
        I took all pictures of the terrace. The moon was right in front of my eyes. I had tea and enjoyed taking pictures, I forgot the cold.
        It is a shame that it is cloudy with you. I hope that next time you have a clear sky.

        Dymunaf chi noson braf i chi 🙂

        Cofion gorau, Balle

        • My pleasure Balle, Namaste 🙂

          All fine and dandy here thank you. And you?

          So pleased you enjoyed the experience. Isn’t it curious how the cold doesn’t affect ones enjoyment when our attention is so well focussed?

          The next Partial Lunar Eclipse is in July this year, 16-17th, or there about. Then on 11th November there is the Transit of Mercury, which might be visible from where you are in Germany. And lastly on December 26th is a Solar Eclipse. Plenty to photograph this year, so get your camera ready!

          Thanks for posting. Have a wonderful evening.

          Namaste 🙂


        • Annwyl Dewin 🙂

          Thanks for the question, I’m fine. A bit tired, because I slept only two hours 🙂
          That’s true, when we focus on something that’s interesting to us, we forget almost everything that’s irrelevant around us. The cameras are ready, I’m ready, it can come 🙂

          Noson dda a chysgu’n dda 🙂

          Dobra nok Dewin 🙂

        • Only two hours sleep Balle? 🙁 Then perhaps an early night for you else the week ahead will seem longer than it normally is. I imagine you will sleep well tonight.

          I have a little reading to do before sleep – and a response to issue to a friend regarding their book. I had best away and attend to that before my eyes close and I drift-off to Zzzzz.

          Don’t stay up all night on Word Press! lol 🙂

          Dobra nok Balle. Cysgu’n dda 🙂

          Namaste 🙂


        • It’s not that bad, I’m used to sleeping a bit.
          I got a little old 😉
          I will not be on WordPress for long, I think I’ll go to Zzzzzzz quickly 🙂 My eyes are half closed.

          Dobra nok i ubavo sonuvaj 🙂 😉
          Cysgu’n dda a breuddwyd yn braf 🙂

          Namaste 🙂

        • I hope you’ll sleep well in the Land of Zzzzzzz and wake refreshed all ready for another day 🙂

          I cannot find a translation for the Macedonian? What does it mean? I like the sound of the words: that is if I am even pronouncing them correctly!

          Sweet dreams of far away galaxies and claret coloured Moons.

          Nos da Balle 🙂


        • Next time you have to tell me a bit more about Planet Zzzzzz, I just know a little about them 🙂
          I hope I will sleep there very well.
          Macedonian is very simple, writing and speaking is like in English. German is a bit difficult, especially grammar.

          (Ateb) Cysgu’n dda a breuddwydio’n dda 🙂
          Breuddwydion melys o galaethau bell i ffwrdd a lloriau lliwgar. (Rwy’n ei hoffi yn fawr iawn)

          Namaste Dewin 🙂

        • Thank you Balle, Namaste 🙂

          I think you know the Land of Zzzzz as well as I, if not better!

          ‚Tis a magical place full of grace,
          A space one always calls home,
          ‚Tis where we go every night,
          To wander in wonder and roam.
          I hope you sleep well when you visit Zzzzzz 🙂

          Then perhaps my pronunciation is better than I imagine – now if only I knew what it was I were saying?? 😉

          Sleep with thoughts of a distant galaxy,
          A faraway place you know as Zzzzz,
          Where there waiting especially,
          Is a dream made just for thee.
          Nos da Balle. Namaste 🙂


        • Nawr rwy’n ei wybod ac rwy’n mynd yn syth i Zzzzzzz heb feddwl 🙂
          Rwyf wrth fy modd yn lleoedd hudol, rwyf wrth fy modd â Galaxy, mae popeth yn bell oddi yma.
          Noson dda 🙂

        • Somehow I knew you knew of Zzzzzz. Dreamers always do 🙂

          Cadwch yn cysgu ac arnofio i ffwrdd. Sweet dreams 🙂

          Nos da Balle. Namaste 🙂


        • 😊😊😊

          You know almost everything 😉

          Schlaf gut Dewin 😇🌜🌠

    2. Danke für die tollen Fotos, super festgehalten- ich hab nix davon mitbekommen hier, deshalb freu ich mich über deine schönen Mondbilder.
      Lieben Gruß

    3. Glück muß man haben. Gratulation! Hier in Mittelfranken verschwanden die Wolken überraschenderweise auch noch und konnte ein paar schnelle Bilder machen.

      • With pleasure.
        I am very happy that I could share with you.
        This is the first time we had clear skies to watch the moon
        Greetings, Balle

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