Balles Burger

    Mit meinem letzten Post habe ich Euch das Rezept für meine Burger Buns vorgestellt. Aber was sind diese Buns ohne ein richtiges Patty, Frikadelle, Gemüsebratling etc., dann sind es halt Brötchen.

    Wer mag nicht hin und wieder einen schmackhaften und gesunden Burger. Wir natürlich auch. Ich habe vom Mehl für die Buns bis zum Salat nur Bio-Produkte von unserem Bio Bauern gekauft.


    Balles Burger Rezept

    Balles Burger

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    Unverfälschter Geschmack, frische Salate und saftiges Fleisch, schnell und einfach in der Zubereitung.
    Zubereitungszeit: 40 Minuten
    Gesamt: 40 Minuten
    Portionen: 6 Burger


    • 1200 g Hackfleisch halb Rindhalb Kalb
    • 1-2 TL Salz
    • 1-2 TL Pfeffer
    • Öl zum Braten


    • 100-150 g gemischter Blattsalat
    • 2 Tomaten
    • 10 Scheiben Bacon
    • 10 Scheiben Käse
    • 6-8 EL BBQ Soße
    • 6-8 EL Chili Mayonnaise
    • 1 rote Zwiebel


    • Das Fleisch mit Salz und Pfeffer würzen und vermischen. Abschmecken und etwas zur Seite stellen.
    • Zwiebel in Ringe schneiden.
    • Tomaten in dünne Scheiben schneiden.
    • Den Salat waschen und verlesen.
    • Ich habe die Burger Pattys mit Hilfe einer Hamburgerpresse geformt. Nach deren Gebrauchsanweisung soll man diese einölen. Ich mache das aber immer mit Frischhaltefolie, weil man Öl spart und es super schnell geht.
    • Also die Presse mit der Folie auslegen, das Fleisch einfüllen, andrücken und ausformen.
    • Die Fleischscheiben in einer heißen Pfanne mit wenig Öl anbraten.
    • Wenden und 2 Scheiben Käse darauflegen. Die Bacon Scheiben kurz mit anbraten.
    • In einer zweiten kleinen Pfanne die Zwiebelringe kurz anbraten.
    • Eine Pfanne ohne Öl bei mittlerer Hitze aufheizen und die Burger Buns mit den Schnittflächen nach unten kurz anrösten.
    • Jetzt kommt der „wichtigste“ Teil, das Burger bauen. Das Unterteil des Brötchens mit der BBQ Soße bestreichen. Etwas Salat auf das Brötchen legen.
    • Das Patty auflegen, 2-3 Bacon Scheiben darauf platzieren.
    • Tomatenscheiben und Zwiebelringe auflegen und das Ganze mit Salat toppen.
    • Das Brötchenoberteil mit Chili Mayonnaise bestreichen und damit den Burger abdecken. Dekorieren und servieren.
    Gericht: Hauptgericht
    Land & Region: Amerikanisch
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    Sie genießen den unverfälschten Geschmack des Fleisches, unterstützt von den Soßen und den frischen Salaten.

    Guten Appetit!

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    37 Kommentare

      • Many Thanks.
        Veal gives a wonderful taste. It is worth to try, you will be amazed.
        I wish you a wonderful evening.
        Greetings, Balle

    1. Namaste Balle 🙂

      A busy, busy day today, so I’m a little late to the dinner-table: are there any burgers left? 🙂

      Now this is what I call a quality burger! Dense, meaty, wholesome, rich, satisfying and totally full of flavours: the chilli mayonnaise and BBQ sauces would suit my liking as to the bacon and cheese. Combined with the burger-buns shown on your last post, this is a meal to savour! You came very close to the recipe I had in mind – the burger-buns would have topped my idea!

      I’ve noted this recipe for future use, thank you Balle 🙂

      I’ve never thought to fry the burger buns – another great idea – the oil will be flavoured by the meat and bacon (Mmmm) – mine are usually toasted until just golden. This is the perfect burger!

      With food I am a bit of traditionalist and would most likely serve this with thick cut spicy potato chips and (possibly) a side helping of coleslaw.

      I see a few of your commenters have already invited themselves for lunch, so I’ll tag along with them as well….the more the merrier! But I think you’ll need a large table! 🙂

      You’ve commented on the weather today and indeed it has been glorious. Early this morning there was a wondrous quality to the light and blue sky in abundance. This evening there is a Supermoon Eclipse. It is a special day for all to enjoy!

      Gael noson braf. Namaste 🙂


      • Hello Dewin 🙂

        I hope you have not broken. You must have done a lot what you imagined, I hope.

        There is another hamburger, I put it aside, I knew that you are hungry 🙂
        Hamburger was delicious, the meat was so juicy and in combination with bacon, cheese and salad was a dream.
        You’re right, we also love fries with hamburgers, but Burger was pretty big 🙂 So we decided not to take any extra calories ;-). Diet must be 😉

        For lunch, you are welcome to join other guests. What refers to the table, we have a lot of space for all of us 🙂

        The weather today was wonderful. It was cold and sunny, very nice for a walk.

        I hope, I do not sleep for the lunar eclipse 😉 I should be better awake 🙂

        Hoffwn i chi eich bod chi’n treulio noson dawel, ymlacio a chysgu’n dda 🙂

        Cyfarchion, Balle

        • Namaste Balle 🙂

          Thank you for asking 🙂 Not quite broken yet but flexed in ways I never knew I was capable of lol 🙂 We made great progress but more hard work is needed.

          You saved me a burger, thank you, that is most kind 😀 I am starving! It looks superb in the photograph and no doubt will be superb on the tongue as well.

          I can’t possibly imagine how one can possibly consider dieting when faced with a mouth-watering treat such as this! I’d certainly not forgo the fries, but might compromise a little and have a Diet Coke lol 🙂

          Then should all of us attend your table, it will be a banquet like those in days-of-old when knights of bold gathered in the Queen’s Great Hall. An occasion to long remember!

          We have a little too much cloud this evening to see the Eclipse, but ever hopeful I keep venturing outside to take a look just in case a small gap open-up. You’ll undoubtedly feel the energy and power of such a heavenly event. It’ll inspire one to dream!

          Diolch yn fawr Balle. Byddaf yn cysgu fel babi heno!

          Nos da. Namaste 🙂


          • Annwyl Dewin 🙂

            Nice to know that you can do more than you thought 😉 and four years ago we did the same. I know how you feel, that’s how I felt, tired and broken 🙁 but the result was perfect, so I quickly forgot my pain 🙂

            Okay, then the second time will be a full program. Hamburgers, fries and Coca-Cola, no diet 😉

            It’s really nice when people celebrate together. Every good evening remains in a long memory.

            Ni fyddaf yn tarfu arnoch mwyach, mae’n rhaid i chi orffwys.

            Noson dda a chysgu’n dda 🙂

            • Annwyl Balle 🙂

              You are quite right, one must see the vista at the end of the path and not just the hardship of the journey to get there 🙂 Wise words Balle, wise words, thank you.

              Excellent, so burgers will be back on the menu again in the future, and this time the calorie-counter will be set to maximum! I’m sure there’ll be no complaints from anyone lol 🙂

              I often get the impression that few families ever sit down together on a regular basis to enjoy meals. Our busy lives, demanding responsibilities, and endless obligations seem to have subsumed such a worthy tradition. It is a shame. I used to enjoy such occasions as a child.

              Thank you Balle, I am indeed off to the Land of Zzzzz, so will bid thee ‚Nos da, cysgu’n dda, breuddwydion melys.‘

              Namaste 🙂


      • Schade, ich habe das zu spät gelesen. Wir hätten ja über ein Tauschgeschäft nachdenken können;-)

        Liebe Grüße

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